put on lenses able to try to explicit conflicts

…It would be a lot more useful instead, rather than indulging this blame game or fantasizing about conquering the State, to put on some lenses able to try to explicit conflicts, in order to intertwine new theories and new hypotheses of subversion. In this way it is difficult to negate that in the latest years territorial conflicts always articulated themselves along lines of secession, avoidance or independence from States. From Chiapas to Rojava, through the ZAD and the No Tav struggles. In the same way it would be short-sighted not to emphasize that, still in our context, the most important struggles were played by a migrant composition, from logistics to housing. Or that the line of color was one of the decisive components to understand such conflicts as those in the banlieues, the UK Riots, Black Lives Matters…lest we forget that the continuous process of defy and crossing of the borders by the migrants, its temporal continuity, is a form of class social movement itself…(Weiterlesen bei: Infoaut_English),